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It’s been quite a while since my last blog post. This one will be super short — a mini-rant continuing from two days ago. And here’s a heads-up, this isn’t a law post per se.

WBEZ recently reported about an absolutely mind-boggling and truly stunning discovery: Mike Madigan’s close friend, political lieutenant, and general capo, Mike McClain, wrote an email to the Quinn Administration back in 2012 seeking to protect some political hack from a state work-related disciplinary hearing, because this employee kept his mouth shut … about a RAPE and some other unseemly stuff!! Swear to God this was actually written in an email to Quinn’s chief of staff and legislative liaison person. Talk about moxie!  Here’s the Trib’s Op-Ed on this outrage, please do read it all:

I used to regularly wonder why some simple things could never advance when I was in the General Assembly — why couldn’t easy, bipartisan reform happen? Ever? Well, given recent revelations including this latest outrage, I know why. Because the entire process was rigged! The whole darn thing — looking back — was controlled by a criminal enterprise. And, I’m afraid, it still is. What is alleged to have occurred back in 2012 through this email disclosure is criminal activity, literally. The brazen acknowledgment of concealment of that crime is yet another crime, yet political reward was the outcome. It’s all too maddening and ludicrous to accurately convey. Most regrettably, it is also so Illinois.

Here’s my recent podcast where I really ranted about all of this. And that’s the real point of this blog post today: When will Illinoisans FINALLY get angry? When is enough truly enough?