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The Next Chapter in the Food Truck Saga

Since Chicago’s Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance passed in 2012, local food truck owners and operators have been fighting against the restrictive ordinance and the various court rulings that upheld the confining regulations limiting how and where these small businesses...

Apple’s Illinois Brick Wall Was Not Well Built

This past month, the Supreme Court issued a decision that officially allows Apple to be sued for charging a commission on apps bought from developers for its devices, leading to high prices that are not considered competitive in a recent Apple vs Pepper case.

Teach For A Day, Pension For Life

I think that this particular case of pension favoritism is important for the citizens of Illinois to understand because it really shows the deep problems within our statewide pension system.

Food Trucks Trying to Defend Their Place in Chicago

Across the country, the food truck scene has continued to grow and become more popular, but sadly in Chicago, the small businesses efforts are quickly stifled. What’s more, food trucks appear to be coming to smaller venues too, including tiny suburban villages


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